Are you a woodworking enthusiast? Do you may have a soft spot for classic tools? If so, you then’re in for a treat! In this text, we’ll be diving into the fascinating world of vintage hand planes and exploring the wonders of Plane Dating.

What is is a website forgot password dedicated to the examine and preservation of vintage hand planes. It serves as a valuable useful resource for collectors, historians, and woodworking fanatics alike. One of the most well-liked features of this web site is the Plane Dating section. But what’s aircraft dating, you might ask?

Understanding Plane Dating

Just like archaeologists use various methods to discover out the age of historical artifacts, hand aircraft enthusiasts employ airplane courting methods to establish the manufacturing dates of vintage planes. By inspecting specific options, similar to the type of iron, markings, and design elements, specialists can accurately determine the age of a airplane and its place in historical past.

Unraveling the Mysteries

Thanks to Plane Dating, you can unlock the secrets and techniques hidden within your classic hand planes. This online useful resource provides a wealth of information and instruments that make it simpler than ever to discover out the age of your loved one instruments.

How to Use Plane Dating

Using the Plane Dating function on is a chunk of cake. Here’s a step-by-step information that will assist you get began:

Step 1: Research Your Plane

Before diving into the dating process, it’s important to gather as a lot information about your vintage hand plane as attainable. Note down any markings, logos, or specific design features that could be relevant to its age.

Step 2: Visit

Head over to and navigate to the Plane Dating part. You’ll find a treasure trove of useful assets and knowledge at your fingertips.

Step 3: Identify Your Plane Type provides a complete listing of various hand plane sorts, complete with detailed descriptions and pictures. Use this data to establish your airplane precisely.

Step four: Match Features and Dates

Once you’ve got identified your airplane kind, it is time to cross-reference its options with the corresponding manufacturing dates provided on This will help you pinpoint the era during which your classic airplane was produced.

Step 5: Learn More does not simply stop at courting your aircraft. It offers further data on restoration, upkeep, and even valuable ideas for collectors.

Why is Plane Dating Important?

You might be questioning why all this effort is necessary. After all, could not you just take pleasure in your vintage airplane with out figuring out its exact age? Well, there are a number of compelling explanation why airplane dating is necessary for woodworking lovers and collectors alike:

  1. Historical Significance: Understanding the age of your vintage hand aircraft allows you to respect its historical significance. Each airplane tells a singular story, and knowing its background adds worth to your collection.

  2. Authenticity: Unfortunately, on the earth of classic tools, there are many replicas and fakes. By utilizing Plane Dating, you probably can confirm the authenticity of your aircraft and make certain that you are coping with the real deal.

  3. Value Estimation: Vintage hand planes, particularly those from sought-after eras, can maintain significant worth. By accurately courting your aircraft, you can higher assess its value if you ever resolve to promote or add it to your insurance coverage policy.

  4. Restoration and Maintenance: Different periods in hand airplane manufacturing typically include unique characteristics and design options. Knowing the age of your aircraft might help you discover acceptable substitute elements and restore it to its former glory.


In the world of classic hand planes, information is energy. Thanks to the fantastic Plane Dating function, lovers and collectors can unlock the secrets and techniques of their beloved instruments and uncover their hidden stories. So, don’t let your vintage hand aircraft collect dust within the corner. Instead, dive into the world of Plane Dating and embark on a journey of discovery!


How can I decide the age of a hand plane utilizing airplane dating?

  1. What is aircraft dating? is a net site developed by Jay Sutherland, a recognized expert in vintage hand planes. The web site supplies a complete reference guide known as "plane dating" that helps customers determine the approximate age of a hand plane based on its varied features.

  2. What data does plane dating provide?
    The website presents a wealth of information, including detailed photos and descriptions of various hand plane fashions manufactured by in style companies like Stanley, Millers Falls, Sargent, and others. It aids users in figuring out and dating their hand planes by referencing specific design options and patents unique to each manufacturer and period.

  3. How can I use plane courting to determine the age of my hand plane?
    Start by identifying the precise model and producer of your hand aircraft. Then, go to the website and navigate to the relevant part for that producer. Browse through the photographs and descriptions, comparing them to your individual airplane, paying shut attention to distinctive design traits, emblem variations, trademark stamps, patent dates, and different particulars. This comparison will assist pinpoint its general manufacturing period.

  4. Are there particular options or parts of a hand plane that focuses on for dating purposes?
    Yes, the website often highlights specific design features which are notably indicative of a selected producer and era. These may embrace the shape and placement of the lever cap, the style of the lateral adjustment lever, the type of frog adjustment mechanism, the brand and brand marks, the presence of patents and their dates, the form and magnificence of the knurled nuts, and extra. Detailed explanations and pictures are offered for every characteristic of curiosity.

  5. How correct is airplane dating?
    While airplane dating is broadly thought to be a reliable resource, it is very important notice that the courting is based on basic developments and shared design options found readily available planes. Manufacturing variations, undocumented exceptions, and modifications made by individual users over time can affect the precision of relationship. Therefore, it’s all the time advisable to consider‘s information as a information and not an absolute assure of a hand airplane’s age.